Pipe organ tuning, maintenance and repair

08For many churches, the organ is the second biggest investment, after their building. To be a valuable tool for ministry, an organ must sound good and function reliably. That means building a relationship with a knowledgeable technician.

I have thirty years’ experience building, repairing, maintaining and tuning pipe organs. My résumé includes work on all styles of organs, from historic organs of the Victorian period, to brand new instruments. I service organs with mechanical (tracker), electro-pneumatic or electro-mechanical actions.

The time and expense of tuning an organ varies greatly with the size of the instrument, its condition, ease of access and other factors. Here’s how we can work together to make your organ sound as good as possible…

I will visit your church in King, Pierce, Thurston or Kitsap counties at no cost, and give you a firm price for the first tuning or repair. We will talk about the best tuning schedule for your instrument, temperature stability, etc. If you can provide an assistant with basic keyboard skills, you can save a substantial amount. For smaller jobs, I charge $62 per hour plus mileage.